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Capricious Accordion

Designed for aficionados as well as for the general public, this hugely enjoyable act takes the digital accordion to the very limits of what is technically possible. Such is Joe Domitrowich’s technical mastery of the digital accordion that listeners unfamiliar with the instrument might easily be forgiven for imagining they were listening to a full-sized band or even a small orchestra as the richly vibrant strains of live music fill the room. Even connoisseurs will be dumbfounded by the superb alchemy of modern hi tech, traditional musical talent and superlative playing. Even more impressive than the power of Joe’s playing is the sheer range of musical genres that his ever expanding repertoire embraces. A typical performance might range from a fully orchestrated Andre Rieu-like performance of a Strauss Waltz to Latin jazz, or from a lively Russian gypsy piece to a robust Big Band number from the 1940s. Joe succinctly describes his act as ‘From Strauss to Santana”. Everyone who has heard him asks Joe for his signature arrangement, Train Ride, deploying the characteristic sound effects of trains to embellish nostalgic train songs of the past. Joe’s catch phrase “Something for everyone” is no empty boast; an evening in his company more than bears it out and will leave you with a smile on your face. Joe enjoys playing in small intimate settings and also offers the wireless and pro-sound technology to go into the audience when performing in large venues. His performances range from a few minutes to two or more hours. Capricious Accordion has performed live on the KKUP. Joe Sodja radio show, The Ethnic Connection”, at the International Accordion Convention in Las Vegas, and can be heard regularly at Esther’s Café in Los Altos and at Lugano Swiss Bistro in Carmel, CA (click here to see Lugano décor and atmosphere on a live video of Joe's performance). Link to Joe’s CD page to hear excerpts from Joe’s CD.




Sample Repertoire


Signature Show Pieces:

Train Ride (A collage of train songs)

In the Mood (Glenn Miller)

Blue Danube (Strauss)

Czardas (Monti)

Comet’ Valse (French musette waltz)

Moliendo Café (Columbian)

Jambalaya (Cajun)

Oye Como Va (Santana)

Mambo #5 (Lou Bega)

Take 5 (Brubeck)

O Bla Di (Beetles)

Ballroom and more:





….and more

Standards from the 1930s-1950s.

Classic Rock













…and more



Capricious Accordion has performed at the following venues: Capricious Accordion regularly performs at the following venues:

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention (

National Accordion Association Convention, Dallas (

Cotati Accordion Festival, Northern California (

Lugano Swiss Bistro

Esther's Café and Bakery